Laboratories and Clinic

Bioscience Institute facility (cell factory and clinic) is located in San Marino and is focused on the activities of Cell Banking, Therapies and Genetics.

Bioscience Genomics facilities, located in Rome and in Milan, are genetic platforms equipped for whole genome sequencing of cell-free fetal DNA from maternal blood, harvested when the mother is as early as ten weeks in a pregnancy and following a hereditary breast and ovarian cancer screen.

Bioscience Clinic, in Dubai comprises a cell factory and clinic, in which to culture, cryopreserve and administrate autologous cells for therapy.

Quality and Transparency

The business model is based on the vision to constantly verify and control quality conditions inside the laboratories, in particular, those concerning quality standards in the laboratory environments where procedures are carried out. To verify the quality standards of the processes, it is mandatory to be able to see them. To ensure laboratory quality standards are met, it is necessary to know the performances of the systems that guarantee the sterility and of the equipment involved in the processes. Bioscience facilities are equipped with live cameras, available to view on the Bioscience website, that allow interested parties to watch activity in laboratories. The website also monitors the environmental conditions inside in real time (i.e., sterility, differential pressures, humidity and temperature) and the performance of the equipment involved in the processes, via a control panel giving values for each apparatus.